“Threadstones eliminate dirt and oxides quickly and efficiently.  Every mechanic should have them available for every maintenance outage.”
Joe Bonk
Design Engineer, Westinghouse Electric Corporation

“There are no other tools on the market that compare to Threadstones.  They absolutely save time and money.”
Jim Bryant
Supervisor High Valley Construction – Spruce Pine, NC


“At Niles Station, we were working a maintenance outage/overhaul. On the front end of the high pressure turbine, four large studs (four and one-half inch diameter and four feet long) were skewed by distortion caused by cylinder creep. When the cylinder bolts were loosened, the stud bolts leaned toward the center line of the turbine so that the cylinder cover could not be rigged off. The studs had to be pulled before the cover could be removed. In the process, the top threads on the studs were heavily damaged.

The Threadstone system straightened and dressed the damaged threads. This required two mechanics, working four hours. The threads met our needs for use in the turbine.

In the past, we were forced to order replacement studs during a maintenance outage, spent nearly $20,000 for the replacements and experienced significant lost time. I thought we were going to relive that experience. The Threadstones are a much preferred solution for large bolt thread repair.”

Ohio Edison
Niles Station


“The Eisenhower was in the Norfolk yard for maintenance. Disassembly of the main propulsion HP turbine thrust bearing showed damaged threads on the shaft in way of the thrust collar retaining nut. The usual repair solution using a die nut would mean a couple of weeks out of service.

After reviewing the situation with Ron Stein, a repair kit with a custom Threadstone, chisel and detailed instructions, were on site within four days. A successful repair was made that same day. It took about an hour. Work was performed with the shaft in place. The Eisenhower was back in service, using a solution that was perfect for damaged threads. After using the Threadstone approach, we wondered at why we had never seen it before.”

Lead Mechanic,
USS Eisenhower