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Threadstone Product螢幕快照 2013-08-29 上午11.59.50

Each Threadstone is individually cast in a 120” arc with internal threads to match the threads on a bolt or pipe.

The Threadstone kit contains:

  • Fine and coarse grit Threadstones in sizes for bolts from 2” diameter x 8 threads per inch to 4 ¾” diameter x 8 threads per inch
  • Internal thread file
  • Turning fixtures for use with a power drill or hand chuck
  • Hand chuck
  • Specially ground chisels for major thread repair
  • Square file for touchups to thread flanks
  • 60” center gauge for resharpening chisels
  • Aluminum oxide and acid brushes to resharpen stones
  • Nylon abrasive pads for cleaning threads
  • Easy to follow instruction manual

Threadstones can be custom designed for any size bolt or pipe and any pitch thread.